The Church

Bethel Temple Apostolic Church is the Magic Valley’s original Pentecostal church.  The church was officially organized in 1926, but its roots go back even further, to local tent revival meetings in 1924-1926.

“Apostolic” simply means we strive to follow the teaching and example of the apostles of Jesus.  The description “Pentecostal” refers back to the birth of the New Testament church as recorded in Acts 2 on the the day of Pentecost.

If you are looking for a church that emphasizes personal holiness and devotion to God, we invite you to visit our services and see what God has for your life.

Pastor John Collins, Jr.

Pastor John Collins, Jr.

The Pastor

Pastor John Collins, Jr. moved to Twin Falls just prior to his senior year of high school.  Shortly after his graduation, he rededicated his life to the Lord and a prior call to the ministry.

He and his wife, Andrea, were married in Bethel Temple Church in 1986.  Their two grown children are married and part of the Bethel Temple Church family.

Pastor Collins was mentored by Bishop Allen R. Picklesimer for 18 years as a local minister, while serving the church in various capacities.  Pastor Collins assumed  the pastorate of the church in June, 2006, upon the retirement of Bishop Picklesimer.

Under the leadership of Pastor Collins, the church continues to move forward with vision, purpose and the Apostolic tenets of faith.  Both the Pastor and the church possess a heart for Twin Falls and the surrounding communities.

The Bishop

Born into a U.S. Naval officer’s family, Allen R. Picklesimer lived in six states in as many years.  He was introduced to Pentecost in 1957.  He gave his heart to the Lord in National City, California, in the church pastored by Leamon T. Reynolds.  Bishop Picklesimer received his ministerial license with the United Pentecostal Church in 1960.  He served as the assistant pastor in National City until 1966, when he assumed the pastorate of the the United Pentecostal Church of Imperial Beach, California.  He pastored this congregation until January, 1981.

In late 1980, Bishop Picklesimer accepted the pastorate of Bethel Temple Church, in Twin Falls.  He served as the pastor for over 25 years, retiring in 2006.  Bishop Picklesimer has enjoyed a fruitful ministry of more than 55 years.  His ministry is highly regarded across the United States and around the world.

Brother Picklesimer continues to attend Bethel Temple Apostolic Church and hold the honorable position of “Bishop” with the local assembly.  He resides in Twin Falls with most of his extended family.

Bishop Allen R. Picklesimer

Bishop Allen R. Picklesimer