Each week hundreds of Magic Valley children and teens benefit from the Bethel Temple Youth Program.  Sunday School classes for all ages are conducted at 10am on Sundays. Those who need transportation can ride one of our brightly-colored buses.  Free transportation is provided for children and adults.  The bus service extends to the areas of Hansen in the east, the City of Twin Falls, and Filer to the west.  Teenagers are invited to be involved in a dedicated weekly youth event, normally planned for Friday evenings.


Youth Group

Bethel Temple emphasizes teaching on relevant issues and personal involvement in God’s work by all young people.  A dedicated meeting for young people is held on Friday evenings.  The format of this weekly event includes a variety of Biblical teaching, practical training, and group activities aimed at keeping young people tied into their church.  This group focuses on 7th Grade through unmarried young adults.

Bethel Temple Youth Choir, 2017

Bethel Temple Youth Choir, 2017

Children’s Easter Sunday School Program

Children’s Easter Sunday School Program

Sunday School

Sunday School classes are hosted at 10:00 am every Sunday morning. Classes are divided by grades beginning with Preschool and continuing through High School. Each class tailors the schedule and curriculum to be age-appropriate.  The younger grades include songs, activities, and classic Bible stories.  Jubilee Sunday is a monthly special service designed for children and young people that includes music, congregational singing, preaching, and a time for prayer.

Bus Transportation

Bethel Temple is known around the Magic Valley for its brightly colored buses.  Each week these buses transport hundreds of children from Hansen, Kimberly, Twin Falls, and Filer to Sunday School.  Bus transportation is provided as a free service and outreach to the Magic Valley communities.

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