3rd Annual Convention and Bible Conference 1934

3rd Annual Convention and Bible Conference 1934

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Come! Come!

Third Annual Convention and


NOVEMBER 11 to 25


B. M. DAVID, Pastor

450 Third Avenue West

New Testament Salvation or The New Birth of Water and Spirit

Pre-Millennial Coming of Jesus Christ

Healing for Sick Bodies

The Gospel for These Last Days

Pastor W. T. Witherspoon

Apostolic Gospel Church

Columbus, Ohio

Pastor Witherspoon is a converted Business Man, who has for years been successful Pastor of a large Church, where hundreds have heard the Gospel preacher, accompanied by the power of God and signs of the Gospel, as in the early Church. He will be accompanied by Mrs. Witherspoon, his co-laborer in the Gospel.

Pastor Joseph D. Urshan, Caldwell; Pastor H. L. Androes, Emmett, and Evangelist Louise Dowe, Meridian, will also be with us.


Every Night at 7:30 P.M. (Except Monday)

Bible Study Daily at 2-4 P. M. (Except Monday and Saturday)